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Most excellent!

Well done, Ken!

Thank you.

I have received the receipt for payment to reserve the campsite at the park.
We're ON !!!
Sweet! Good work Ken.

The park supervisor has reserved our campsite for us while he sends me the reservation form to make it official.
The plan so far - 50 plus hours of driving nearly 3500 miles (not counting side trips)

Austin, TX
Lordsburg - New Mexico 88045                     10 h -  51 min - - - (739 mi)
Ely - Nevada 89301                               11 h -  59 min - - - (809 mi)
Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park- Austin, NV 89310   3 h -  52 min - - - (206 mi)
                                                 24 h - 162 min - - - 1754
                                                 26 h -  42 min - - - 1754 mi.

Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park
Seligman - Arizona 86337                          8 h -   3 min - - - (506 mi)
Holbrook - Arizona 86025                          2 h -  28 min - - - (167 mi)
Tucumcari - New Mexico 88401                      5 h -  48 min - - - (406 mi)
San Angelo - Texas                                5 h -  51 min - - - (369 mi)
Austin                                            3 h -  32 min - - - (207 mi)
                                                 23 h - 162 min - - - 1655
                                                 25 h -  42 min - - - 1655 mi

                                                 52 h -  24 min - - - 3409 mi

WolfBrother Notes:
1.  Notice only a two hour drive from Seligman to Holbrook.  Iím planning 3 side trips that happen between the two:
    Drive the South Rim of the Grand Canyon West to East
    Drive to the Meteor Crater in Arizona
    Drive the Petrified Forest/Painted Desert loop
2.  Depending on how I feel when I wake up in Tucumcari, I may drive straight thru to Austin.
3.  I am looking at other return stops after Seligman.  The kicker is whether I want to see/do/drive the side trips again.  I did it 20+ years ago.

I plan to be there. I will let Terral know the dates and see if he can make it, as well. He does like helping out.

I really hope you can make it, WolfBrother. If there is anything I can do to help make it possible, let me know.

Just my opinion.
There is no power available. The described campsite for RV's is about a 4 minute drive from where we will be tent camping in the Day Use Area.
If you want to camp with our group, bring a tent. If you want to use the RV Campground you will simply be driving or walking back and forth between there and the Day Use Area to participate in our events.

Camping: The park contains 14 well-spaced units, some suitable for RVs up to 25 feet, with fire rings, BBQ grills, covered tables, drinking water (mid-April to October) and restrooms nearby. An RV dump station is also available. Camping is limited to 14 days in a 30-day period.
In Texas, except for designated primitive campsites, in most parks (how's this for multi-faceted Jerry?) campsites generally but not always have water and/or electricity available at the campsite.

? Does this place?  As I read above - not sure.   Need to know because I'm going to try to make it this year.  To give you an idea of what that entails enter 5200 S. Congress, Austin Tx (not where I live) as the from and the address of the park in the too and then route it out.

Electricity would be nice - I have sleep apnea and it's easier to plug in than bring batteries etc,

Going, probably will go the southern (24 hr drive) route, I've never driven west of Balmorhea in Texas (IH10) so from there on would be new to see. 
Coming back - will go on IH40 to see again the big meteor crater and the painted desert/petrified forest.
Make plans now to join us for our third annual Prepper Field Day at the Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park.

We reserved our 1x1 call sign for this event. We will be N7P again this year.
Stay tuned for more information as we add events to this post.
Email Ken with your ideas and suggestions at
Prepper Events and Meetings / Re: Bartering Event
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I wish I've seen this a few days ago. Any other events planned for near future?
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