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Prepper Events and Meetings / One Day Ham License Class in Reno 7/21/2018
« Last post by davidham on May 18, 2018, 12:35:25 PM »
This class is part of the upcoming Nevada Section Amateur Radio Convention at Boomtown in Reno.  There will also be a trade show, vendors, prizes, ham swap, speakers, and ham fun!

Class cost is $35 + $15 additional test cost.

For full information, go to NVCON(dot)org and go to "One Day Tech Class."  There's info on the study material, a website with sample tests, and even a site with free learning material!  I use the Gordon West book which I think is much easier than the ARRL material.  The new book is available from W5YI(dot)org. 

Special Note:  The question pool changes on July 1 so be sure to study the 2018-2022 material.  There's lots of the Old material around that will be outdated on June 30!  Be sure to study the 2018-2022 material!

You do have to read the book first but I've done 15 or 20 of these classes and almost everybody passes! This is not a Cram or complete class but a FastClass with a last minute Review of all 423 questions in the pool with some explanations,  demonstrations, extra info, and actual teaching and learning thrown in!   The book and the test are at a Middle School level so think "7th & 8th Grade."  I've had students from age 9 to 94 who have passed the test so you can too.  Try a sample test:  Most adults get about 50% if they read the questions and answers carefully.  You only need 74% to pass so you're most of the way there!

Questions?  Call me at 775/843-6443 and be sure to mention that you are with NNPG! 

I get a lot of "will I pass the test?" questions and the answer is almost always Yes if you do your part!! 

David KD7YIM

The Community Kitchen
This year we are excited to announce a Community Kitchen.  The Community Kitchen is an all-volunteer kitchen to prep and cook the meals for attendees wishing to be involved with the kitchen and communal preparation and sharing of meals.  A set menu will be announced shortly and volunteer sign-ups to staff the kitchen for each meal will also be made available soon.  If you are interested in participating in the Community Kitchen and share in our meals this year, you must sign up (via email to Ken,  Participation includes donating food items to the kitchen and helping with setup, teardown, some cleaning and cooking if desired.  Please RSVP to Ken. 
Stay tuned as an official menu and list of ingredients are published.  You can sign up for the items you plan to donate to the kitchen as well as which meals you plan to staff the kitchen.
Be sure to read this entire post as there is very important information all the way to the last sentence!

The date for the Third Annual Prepper Field Day is coming up fast!
When?  Thursday June the 21st to Sunday, June the 24th.

Please let us know if you are coming, your name, number of people, arrival date and expected departure date.
RSVP to Ken via email at

Please be aware of the park's pet policy and make sure all pets are on a leash.

Rob (K9RVM) and I (K7KBJ) will be arriving on Thursday to get some areas set up. You can also arrive on Thursday if so desired.

Day use only is $5.00 per vehicle, paid to the park ranger.
If you are camping with us you will pay the park ranger $15.00 per night.
There is a small fee to the park ranger if you go on a park tour.
PLEASE BRING CASH for the park ranger.

Our group activities and Tent Camping will be at the Day Use Area.
We have reserved the Day Use Area for our group.
RV Camping will be at the RV campground which is a short walk or drive from the Day Use Area.

Here is the Park's website:

Make sure you have enough gasoline, food and water for this trip.

If you have a ham radio our Prepper Simplex Frequency is 147.440 and this will be monitored throughout the event.

For those of you who are interested in Ham Radio, our special event callsign will be N7P.
You are invited to bring your own radio gear but we are setting up our radios for all to use, even unlicensed operators. If you want to get a feel for radio work, this is your chance. Last year we even talked to a station in New Zealand!
Although we are having our event on ARRL Field Day Weekend, we are not just about ham radio so we are going to have more events this year to review our other skill sets.

1. Astronomy (Ken is bringing his big 10 inch)
2. Two to three park service tours
3. knot tying
4. expedient shelter demonstrations
5. fire starting
6. Community Kitchen & Meals
7. Barter Blanket

Please email Ken with any questions, comments or ideas for class work, especially if you would like to teach a class or bring demonstration items. Also, if you would like to take lead on one of the self-service training stations or help provide assistance if someone should want it then please indicate that in your RSVP.
RSVP Ken to his email address

New This Year--

The Barter Blanket
Bring your items you wish to barter with others. Practice your barter skills and have fun.
We will set up an area for this in camp.

We look forward to seeing you at Prepper Field Day.
Expect to see more messages as the date approaches.
Reply to this email with any questions or suggestions.

Prepper Events and Meetings / Re: August events...
« Last post by Rob McKevitt on March 29, 2018, 05:42:27 PM »
We will not be conducting an event in August although we are going to be at Berlin State Park, NV in June 21st through 24th. You are most welcome to attend and stay overnight or join us for the day; whatever best fits your schedule. We will have several special activities and training opportunities occurring during this event. You can find the details at: as well as on the meeting page under forums. This is family friendly event and a great chance to experience the ghost town of Berlin, learn about and use amateur radio, see some fantastic history with exclusive tours and lectures, experience astronomy, learn some useful field skills and spend a relaxing weekend camping and honing your Prepper skills with some experienced friendly people.

Several of us will be volunteering to provide HAM radio communication support in July for the Tahoe Rim Trail Race. If you are a licensed HAM radio operator with portable radio equipment and might want to participate in this event, please let me know and we'll get you the contact and information for the event.

On May 18th and 19th many of us will be attending Preppercon in Salt Lake City to attend the classes and enhance our skills in addition to visiting with our Prepper friends from around the country and visiting the booths for shopping opportunities. This is one of our favorite annual events.


Prepper Events and Meetings / August events...
« Last post by pengyou on March 29, 2018, 12:46:53 AM »
Does anyone know now of any events that will be held this August? 
Most excellent!

Well done, Ken!

Thank you.

I have received the receipt for payment to reserve the campsite at the park.
We're ON !!!
Sweet! Good work Ken.

The park supervisor has reserved our campsite for us while he sends me the reservation form to make it official.
The plan so far - 50 plus hours of driving nearly 3500 miles (not counting side trips)

Austin, TX
Lordsburg - New Mexico 88045                     10 h -  51 min - - - (739 mi)
Ely - Nevada 89301                               11 h -  59 min - - - (809 mi)
Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park- Austin, NV 89310   3 h -  52 min - - - (206 mi)
                                                 24 h - 162 min - - - 1754
                                                 26 h -  42 min - - - 1754 mi.

Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park
Seligman - Arizona 86337                          8 h -   3 min - - - (506 mi)
Holbrook - Arizona 86025                          2 h -  28 min - - - (167 mi)
Tucumcari - New Mexico 88401                      5 h -  48 min - - - (406 mi)
San Angelo - Texas                                5 h -  51 min - - - (369 mi)
Austin                                            3 h -  32 min - - - (207 mi)
                                                 23 h - 162 min - - - 1655
                                                 25 h -  42 min - - - 1655 mi

                                                 52 h -  24 min - - - 3409 mi

WolfBrother Notes:
1.  Notice only a two hour drive from Seligman to Holbrook.  Iím planning 3 side trips that happen between the two:
    Drive the South Rim of the Grand Canyon West to East
    Drive to the Meteor Crater in Arizona
    Drive the Petrified Forest/Painted Desert loop
2.  Depending on how I feel when I wake up in Tucumcari, I may drive straight thru to Austin.
3.  I am looking at other return stops after Seligman.  The kicker is whether I want to see/do/drive the side trips again.  I did it 20+ years ago.

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