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July 12, Tuesday 2016.  I set this up under the calendar on that date but for whatever reason it is not posting in the forum.  Ken??? will you ask the lady with the whip what's up with that? ;D

I have serious confusion on the actual DATE/TIME of these meetings.  I get 6:00pm (maybe tuesdays?) but I cannot find an actual date specified.  Perhaps I do not know the secret handshake?  ;)

It would really help me if a full date was specified in posts about the meeting(s).  <tag me #confused>
The last one was Golden Valley, this one is Reno Town Mall and I am thinking Aug sparks or west Reno, that way we all take turns with the drive time.  This will be subject to the rooms availability but that is my thinking.  We should have a talk about picking the next location at this meeting.
Prepper Events and Meetings / Re: First Camp of the year moved from Memorial Day
« Last post by TWP on June 17, 2016, 09:22:15 AM »
For those not registered, I have been posting a weather link inside this forum.

Weather for this weekend looks to be cooler (70's-80's) with a chance of showers on saturday.

I think this is just perfect, not too hot and not too dry.
We will be using Simplex, 146.250 for comms during this event.
We will also monitor will also be for 147.210 in case you cannot raise us on Simplex and for general traffic.
That is all.
Prepper Events and Meetings / Last update before camp, READ THIS
« Last post by TPPrepper K7VWB on June 16, 2016, 09:24:48 PM »
Last update before camp.
I am going to be testing the new Go Tennas I have for communcations with cell phones. If you want to participate, download the "Go Tenna" app from Google or ITunes before going to camp and we will include you in the trial. All you need is the app on your phone. It is one word "Gotenna".
Also, signs for Code Cipher will be up around 4pm on friday, not before so keep that in mind and try it out.
I will be bringing my bow and arrows so feel free to bring your favorite flying devices.
Also tarps. We will be doing mock up's of our own shelter ideas so bring your gear!
I did have one bar of AT&T out there so it should be possible to call or text me if needed.
I plan to be there Friday.

Thanks Vic!


I will have the signs up late friday afternoon (4pm) if you want to play with them going in.

I plan to be there Friday.

Thanks Vic!

Sounds great wish I would have know about it sooner, but a little out of contact for awhile, where is the flyer posted?  Need to get use to the new format... Hi everyone... Missed our group.

Its located on my post from June 5th. Look at the bottom of the post for the attachment.
Prepper Events and Meetings / Re: Prepper Field Day June 25 & 26 2016
« Last post by Rob McKevitt on June 15, 2016, 08:27:13 PM »
Have to travel over the hill that weekend for work and sadly won't be able to attend although it sounds like a blast.
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